Staging and Deployment Services

What are staging and deployment?
Staging and deployment is the process of configuring a small or large number of IT assets simultaneously in a central location. This allows rapid deployment to your offices, stores, and data centers so they arrive on site ready to use. A single staging and deployment event consists of many smaller events working in harmony. IT asset verification, software loading, testing, staging, customization, and kitting each play an important role.

Why staging and deployment should be centralized?
Expediency Experience fewer project delays and scope creep when staging and integration occurs in a controlled environment, independent of your on-site locations.
 Plug and play Your technology stack arrives “plug and play” at each location. You save time, money, physical space, and experience fewer problems in the field. 
Scalability Deploying and installing technology for new stores, offices, data centers, warehouses, and distribution centers is systematic, repeatable, and scalable.    

Hardware Receipt and Verification

Verifying that the correct equipment was ordered and received prior to staging and deploying is a time-consuming, yet essential first step of a staging and deployment event. As the equipment is received by us, every device is serialized and inventoried for warranty entitlement and per-location asset tracking. This way, your assets are organized and accounted for before setup begins.

Per Device Customization

With per device customization, we configure equipment with exact solution and location specifications as part of the configuration and integration process. When your equipment arrives on location, each network or security device is configured to work right out of the box. Minimal setup is required although we can schedule field service technicians to support you onsite.  

Pre-Install Modules and Accessories

One of the most essential parts of our staging and deployment services involves pre-installing modules, line cards, and accessories. Enterprise network and security equipment are never one-size-fits-all. We make sure your new network or security solution arrives pre-installed with all required components. Plug and play!

Device Testing

Every device is tested to ensure that all components are functioning and communicating as intended. We check if the correct firmware version is loaded on the device.

Per Site Kitting

No more delays searching for lost equipment. Our kitting and logistical services ensure that all necessary equipment and associated accessories are packaged in a tidy kit and shipped together. Your technology arrives at your designated locations on time, ready to use.